AI.Capture.Copilot Hub

An open-source lightweight AI-powered memo hub


Hand over the collected information to AI for processing, and collect the content processed by AI with one click

Hero AI

AI helps you summarize and generalize information

Talk to AI, hand over the information you collect to AI for processing with one click, and collect the content of AI reply with one click


Support OCR image recognition collection, shortcut key collection, word marking icon collection, etc.

Hero Assistant

Markdown editor

With our powerful editor, you can easily write Markdown text, supporting almost all Markdown elements

Copilot Hub

Copilot Hub is an AI platform based on large-scale model technology. Here, you can use your own data to train models and build a personal knowledge base.

Use the data you have captured

Just two steps to easily create your Copilot.

Hero Copilot
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